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EDTC 6342 Project 1- Copyright

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Welcome to Raymondville ISD Copyright Information Page


In this page you will find essential COPYRIGHT information you must learn by heart, BEFORE you use any copyrighted material! 

Here you will find information, facts, videos and quizzes about...


  • Licensing and Software Piracy
  • Fair Use                                                                                         
  • Teach Act
  • Plagiarism                                                                                                               
  • Web Publishing
  • Images and illustration publishing  and
  • How to get permission to use copyrighted material





Did you know our School District has laws about Copyrighted Materials?

Click HERE to access the Raymondville ISD Student/Parent Handbook 



Copyright Law of the United States

Is it Covered by Copyright?

Welcome to Copyright Kids!

Copyright and Fair Use Tips Worksheet

Brad Templeton: 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

Educational Guidelines Multimedia Tips Sheet



As an educator you must teach responsibly and learn the limits of fair use when teaching with some else materials.  You must teach honesty and be able to educate your students in respecting Copyright laws.  


If you don't know how to explain the students about Copyright laws, you could present this Prezi that informs students about Copyright laws and the consequences.  Your students could see this Prezi before starting a class project to understand issues and be in compliance with the copyright laws.







What is Copyright?















Can you make copies of software/ music to students for educational purposes?


Click HERE to access information about Licensing and Software Piracy


What is Fair Use? How does Fair Use fit in Copyright Law?


Click HERE and HERE to learn more about Fair Use



What is the Teach Act?

How much of a copyrighted (film on DVD or VHS; video of television program, commercial, or news; CD or audiotape of musician or band; slide or photograph of artwork; images from books, i.e., photographs, diagrams, lithographs, etc.) can I digitize and use? How long may I use it?

Click HERE to the answers to these questions.

For more information Click HERE and HERE

What is PLAGIARISM? How can I prevent Plagiarism? How can I cite sources?


Click HERE to find out important facts about Plagiarism and preventions.



What do I have to do before I publish something on my website or my classes' wiki?

For more information about Web/Wiki Publishing Click HERE and HERE

Do I have to give credit to the designer/photographer of an image I found online?

For more information about using photographs and images Click HERE

To learn how to give credit to photos and images Click HERE






Here is a Slideshare that summarizes everything about Copyright Laws.









     Yes, Copyright Laws look very COMPLICATED, but if you are not sure if certain material is Public Domain or copyrighted, then ASK for permission first.
To learn how to get permission on copyrighted material Click HERE







After you have read and learned about Copyright Laws, take this Quiz to test your knowledge

You could also give this Quiz to your students before they start working on projects, to check their understanding on Copyright laws.






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