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Reflection Letter

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July 22, 2013


Dear Educational Technology Faculty,


In my educational journey I have learned that if you want your goals and dreams to become reality, you must move towards them. Opportunities are out there, all we have to do is find them and take them.  After eight years, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Texas Pan American in the spring of 2006.  It took me long to attain this degree since I was undecided on what path to take.  During my college years I built my life; I got married and had 3 beautiful children.  At first, I wanted to graduate as a fine artist and travel throughout the world selling my paintings, but after seeing the children’s expression on their faces when they discover their talents, I determined to become an Art teacher.  Why? Because as a teacher I can share my talents and knowledge, I can motivate people to be as creative as they can be.  I was offered an Art teaching position with Raymondville ISD, in the middle school.  They have been seven years of enjoyment, and knowledge discovery; I love teaching.  Every day is different, as I also learn new things along with my students.  Being in the field of education has helped me to value the past, enjoy the present and do my best in preparing our future leaders.


From the time when I was a child, I have always been drawn to technology, perhaps because with technology we can be creative and use tools to simplify our lives.  Ever since I started teaching I have implement technology in my art class, and little by little I started requesting laptops for my students.  I proposed my principal to integrate a computer animation class as part of my curriculum; wish granted.  I now teach Art and a technology class.  I have seen students become highly motivated when there are been taught new skills with the use of technology. 


It was in the summer of 2011 when I received an email from my principal announcing the MSTTPA Go TECH program, not thinking it twice; I took this opportunity and applied.  This program has helped me tremendously in learning new skills with the help of educational technology. While taking my Masters courses, my professors set a good example in offering great guidance during the courses projects.  I learned to review literature and journals, about the research methods, identify current problems in school and research for possible solutions, analyze theories, collaborate with other teachers, design PBL lessons, create web-based instructional materials, use Web 2.0 tools, present projects through Blackboard, conduct trainings; all of these improved my teaching strategies and become a better person.  Overall, I’ve learned to become a facilitator to my students, enhance their learning and collaborate with other teachers.  This program has encouraged me to step out of the classroom; to share these skills and give guidance to my colleague teachers and school administrators. 


Since I entered the program, I was assigned as the campus technology leader.  To begin with, the school needed a website; I built it with the use of a Web 2.0 tool.  The idea was to stimulate student achievement, promote school events and improve parent involvement in the middle school.  This project was a success, the school campus increased in each of those areas.  I have built other websites to collaborate in guiding teachers to implement Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.  I have also conducted professional development trainings at district level. 


This program helped me to pursuit a higher education; getting certified as a Master Technology Teacher (MTT) and achieving a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.  After graduation, my goal is to move into administration and become an Instructional Technology Coach.  However, I feel highly motivated to continue my education in technology.  My new vision is to learn coding and become a Web Developer so I can design and create new Web 2.0 tools and Apps focused in Education.


As I have come to the conclusion of the MSTTPA program, I am very grateful for this great opportunity to accomplish my educational goal.  This journey experience has been a positive and sometimes a challenging one; nevertheless it has been a great blessing in my life.  I would like thank all of my instructors and my counselor for your guidance, advice, encouragement and inspiration during these past two years in the program. Your given support and dedication has inspired me to share my skills and knowledge and continue moving forward with my eyes set on the goal.   





Dara Keyla Cepeda






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