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Home Reflection Letter Matrix Courses Taken Contact Me | POS 18-Hour Review |


Part I Project Proposal 12%

Part II Project 50%

Part III Project 10%

Essay Exam 6%

Midterm Debriefing 5%

Final Presentation 5%

Reflections 12%


  • Highlighted assignments have been submitted/completed! 


Weeks  Assignments: 

Week 1:  

June 3-9

Initiate project proposal, Read Syllabus & Calendar

Week 2: 

June 10-16

Complete Part I Project Proposal due 6/10 (Upload to Coursework in Bb)


Week 3: 

June 17-23


Reflection 1 due 6/17 

Week 4: 

June 24-30

Reflection 2 due 6/24

Complete Essay Examination 6/20-6/24 

Week 5: 

July 1-7

Reflection 3 due 7/1 

Deliver Midterm Debriefing 7/5

Week 6: 

July 8-14

Reflection 4 due 7/8 

Week 7: 

July 15-21

Complete Part II Project: Instructional Solution & Design Document (due 7/15) 


Reflection 5 due 7/15

Week 8:

July 22-26

Complete Part III: Lessons Learned 1000 word formal writing synopsis


Reflection 6 due 7/22

Deliver Final Presentation  7/22

Meet twice a week on Mon. & Thurs. on Collaborate at 6:00 p.m.

e-book: PM4ID (readings before class)


Upon completion of these assigned presentations, I will demonstrate the ability to (1) identify important concepts of instructional design and development, (2) reflect on my learning experience of designing, developing, and evaluating an instructional solution to a performance problem, and (3) contribute to the community of practice.




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