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RISD Edmodo Teacher Training

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In August 19-22, 2013 during school In-Service days,  I trained Raymondville ISD teachers in "Edmodo- a guide in getting started" . The sessions took place at Myra Green Middle School Campus in the computer lab.  The training was done by using the Edmodo Online Training I designed; targeting Raymondville ISD teachers.  


This training facilitated teachers from four different schools to complete the unit independently but with a face to face environment. In other words, I introduced Edmodo by projecting a short video.  Then explained the benefits in using Edmodo as a great tool in engaging the 21st century learner.  A tour was given of the interactive online unit training so the educators could get familiar with the online training, which they would be taking right there by using a desktop computer in the computer lab.  Teachers and Administrators from these respective schools, started and finished the training at their own pace.  I was constantly walking, observing, monitoring to offer guidance if any questions or confusion would arisen during training. 


Each training session was directed to 25-30 content area teachers.  The following are the schools that successfully demonstrated the ability to use Edmodo in doing the following; create an Edmodo account, create class groups, post messages, upload assignments and create quizzes online.  




This training provides, an introductory video, an anticipation guide,  embed instructional step-by-step videos, screen shots with step by step explanations, interactive embedded online quizes, short assignments, links to teacher ideas in using Edmodo, digital citizenship material, Post tests, Questionnaires, and extra tutorials from Edmodo to target different learning styles and provide a comfortable learning environment.   




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